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International Dance Teaching Standards

The IDTS is currently launching the new interactive video tutorial program and is closed for registration during the transitional phase. We aim to reopen after the Christmas Holiday. Current registered students are to continue their studies all assignments are to be submitted at one time under the new program. Former and current students will be given access to the video tutorial units of the new program design when it is live. Thank you for your understanding during the transitional phase of the curriculum. If you need to speak to a tutor representative please use the contact form on the contact us page, email service is down while we are closed. Thank you


Join over 500 Teachers Certified around the world. Get training in Dance Health, Injury Prevention, Anatomy and Skill Acquisition.
Raise the standard for Global Dance Education.

Dance Teacher Certification

Welcome to the official website of the International Dance Teaching Standards. Founded in 2006, we now have over 500 registered teachers in 8 countries around the world. The first program of it's kind, developed to nurture the professional growth of dance educators in all areas of instruction. Our goal is to provide resources for emerging and professional teachers, increasing their productivity and target dancer development outcomes. We serve the dance community to increase standards for dance educators across the world. Our head office is located in Canada. We host a dance teacher certification program available both online and in person lecture modules in several countries around the world, including programs in multiple languages. The certification modules introduce teachers to topics of instruction such as nutrition, movement pedagogy, injury prevention, classroom management and other important areas of dance teaching.

Why get certified? Dance teachers are leaders of children, our most precious resource. In leadership roles teachers have the potential to do great harm to the young developing bodies of young dancers. Educated teachers are less likely to push students past their physical and psychological limits and thus are less likely to cause injury or psychological harm. Educated teachers are also striving to better their teaching practice and are more likely to achieve increased results. Understanding the human body and basic education theory is cornerstone to a successful dance program.

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